It’s all about donuts

Every company ask his SM team about numbers, graphics, analytics…all day long, as if the numbers was the only key to success.

I can be really good making graphics, but if i don’t have a good boss in my company (someone who knows how watch the numbers) what can i do with all these numbers?? It’s all about donuts ; )

How many donuts could you find? Hundreds! With chocolate, salads, with toppings, hots…amazing list. If i sell donuts, if all my money depends on how good i’m selling donuts, there´s a list with things i have to know:

– How many donuts i have to have

– When do i sell more donuts? Morning? Afternoon?

– Promotions

– Top sellers

– Donuts the people don’t like

– Lines per ticket (donut + coffee? donut + coke?)

I can make an awesome, and so beauty, graphic about it, but i have to know how read it!

If my customers in the afternoon is around 18 to 25 years old…i must to think they don’t have a lot of money, they are students, so..what if i put an special offer to them? Donut + soda…may be they come to my store more often….In the morning i only have people on suites (bosses, executives…) what if i offer them a 20 donuts pack? They can save money bringing his team donuts, and people likes donuts a lot!!

Most important thing is to know what is my top 5 products. The products the customers love more. And i have to be ready to sell them!

In every Company, every brand, every office… you have to know what you want to do? What’s is your way? And…what is your goal? If my social media team gives me 300 analytics i have to know how use it.

We have to messure every number, every day. I have to know what is wrong, what is good, whats is being shared, what is being engaged…i can’t be on social media just because i have to be, cause others brands are…just it. Don’t!

You have to know:

– What you wanna to do?

– How you will do it?

The best way to do it is…talk to your SM team and most important…listen them and listen your customers.

Do you want a donut?

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